Need recommendations for replacing a window and siding

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I usually do basic home repairs myself (including windows and siding) but am finding that I have less and less time for big DIY projects and am considering hiring out some or all of my next repair.

I have to replace the round-top window pictured as it has lost its seal and is rotting on the bottom rt. corner. I have ordered a new aluminum clad window that will be 3" shorter to get the bottom of the window away from the porch roof / wall junction. I will be removing all the siding in that area all the way up to the gable top and replacing it with Hardie Shakes, but I am not clear on the best way to work on the shallow porch roof.

1) for those of you who have done this before; what is the best way to access this area safely?
2) are there any small job contractors that the collective group recommends that I could hire this out to?




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Can't say as far as contractors...

I would put 3 roof brackets for a walk plank just above the eves and place a 2x10 or 12 on them. That should give you a good work surface. Looks like the peaks should be fairly easily reached from an extension ladder.

The brackets run around $10 each at the BORG for the adjustable pitch models.

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