Lowes changes to Military Discount


Sadly, after driving almost an hour to get a specific item, I discovered that Lowe’s has reduced their military discount on certain items.

I didn’t get into the specifics of the changes, but you may want to clarify exactly how much the discount will be before driving an hour from home!

In my case, it was a major purchase and I was quite surprised by the change.


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This site tracks military perks. Here's the deal on the BORG, last updated in early November:

In pertinent part:

The 10% Military Discount can be used every day on eligible purchases in store. There are some exclusions.
  • It can’t be used with any other offer, coupon, promotion, discount or markdown, including, but not limited to, Lowe’s Price Match Guarantee, price programs, such as Lowe’s volume or special discount programs (including, but not limited to, Contractor Packs™, Buy in Bulk, Special Value, New Lower Price and Was/Now) or Lowe’s Credit discount offers, such as, but not limited to, Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card 5% off Every Day discount.
  • It can’t be applied to any gift cards, previous purchases, services (including, but not limited to, product installations, assembly, shipping and Extended Protection Plans), any taxes or fees.
  • Offer isn’t redeemable for cash, is nontransferable, can’t be combined with manager discretion price adjustments. Additional exclusions may apply. See store for details.
The discount applies to in-stock and special-order purchases up to $5,000.


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Haven't ever had a problem getting the 10% discount at Lowes, or Lowes.com

The Home Depot year round discount does not apply to all veterans.


Lowe's still give 10% discount on just everything BUT not all items. Apparently some items don't apply and it may not apply to discount stuff, dunno for sure. There doesn't appear to be a cap though. (https://www.lowes.com/l/in-store-services.html#MilitaryDiscountProgram)

Home Depot puts a lot of restrictions on their discount program. Not all items are eligible and they cap it at $500 total. Also, Home Depot has a restocking fee on some items you return to the store. I do not know if it is everything, some items, or specific categories (i.e. appliances, flooring, etc). However, it is there and something to be aware of.

Typically I just go to Lowe's because it is basically 10% off the top (almost regardless of what it is) and because I have to drive 30-40+ minutes to get to Home Depot.


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Haven't ever had a problem getting the 10% discount at Lowes, or Lowes.com

The Home Depot year round discount does not apply to all veterans.
I have a veterans drivers license and haven't had any problem at HD.


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If the Lowes employees won't show them what the lowes.com website says about the valid forms of id to prove vet status

Once enrolled, to use the Military Discount you must show the following to the cashier at checkout:
  1. MyLowe’s card or phone number; and
  2. Valid photo ID to verify identity Acceptable forms of ID include:
    • Valid driver’s license
    • State or federal issued identification card
    • Department of defense identification card
    • Passport or passport card

bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
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I had to go to the info desk at Lowes with a copy of my DD-214 and register. Quick and painless. That's their process and they stick to it. Once done, I give the phone number and all is good. With a large retailer like Lowes, they have to have some way to protect themselves from low-life scammers. As mentioned, the people at the registers don't have permission to issue discounts to veterans . It has to be in the system.

Oddly, I suspect that a DD-214 is easier to forge than a driver's license. Go figure.

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