Looking for bowl blanks


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I've recently got back into woodworking and have upgraded to a full size lathe. I'm in need of some large bowl blanks.
Does the community have any good sources?


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If you don't mind driving an hour, I am up on the North Shore of Lake Gaston, I can help you out. Trust me the price will be right. Send me a private message if interested.


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What are you looking for? Burls? Kiln dried? If you just want to turn anything, find a tree guy and get it from him. Turn it green, pack it away and drag it back out in 3 months to finish it. That way, the material is nearly free.


Check out Klingspor's up in the Raleigh area or where ever the closest on is to you. They usually have bind full of "discount" bowl blanks in a variety of sizes. I have bought some of them, get decent sized blanks of various wood species. Started turning a smaller one this weekend that turned out to be a really nice spalted/ambrosia maple bowl blank.


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I would like green wood. I tried to find a tree guy but did not have much luck
Yea, tree guys never have the time to call you when they have something. What has worked for me is to just get the word out to your family and friends. I made a post on Facebook and got covered up with wood. I had to start turning stuff down.


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Listen for trees being cut down in your neighborhood. They love to give away the wood so they dont have to pay to dump it.


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I’ve ordered blanks from www.turningblanks.net. They are located in SC, so shipping is super fast. Reasonably priced and a variety of species, green or kiln dried. Nice when I want a specific species. Their stock fluctuates, so I follow them on Facebook to know what’s coming in (flaming box elder goes very quickly after they post it).


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Go to West Penn in Hickory. They HAVE what you need and in every wood imaginable.



well, if'n you're a heading out Hickory way, you might want to check out my place. I'm about halfway between.
I'm in the firewood business; going on 40+ yrs, now. And the firewood season's all ready started. Also in sawmill business - been busy this year and have generated a fair amount of laps. Most still green - some dry. Got some pcs that are up to 6" at the ends. And o'course some got those growed over limb knobs. All domestic woods, no exotics. My brother and I did some field clearing, this yr and last; have a number of maple logs; a couple have naturally spalted.

Oak, ash, maple, cedar, sourwood, hickory, pine, poplar, cherry, elm

I sell firewood by the pcs, by the lap, by log, and pickup load. Buyers pick and choose for themselves.
SAM_0859 (2).JPG
... a few kiln-dried blocks: bowl-size
and some air-dried walnut big enuff to turn gun stocks
I'm 8 miles southwest of gibsonville off exit 132 I-85 S
DM for directions if interested....or 336 - 944 - 6591


Jerry C

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Drive around any residential neighborhood and you will find green blocks of wood put on the street for city pick up. I have found some large bowl blanks this way. You will have to muscle them into your car or truck. If you have a chainsaw you might be able to trim them down to size if noise is not a problem.....


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I've got some cherry log sections sitting on the ground for about 8 months. Not sure how good they are. You're welcome to come check out what's there and get a few if you want. You have my number.

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