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Hello all,
I am building a large (12 ' x 12 ') library shelving unit with a rolling library ladder. I would like to install some hidden led lighting but have no experience with it. Lee Valley has some kits but the are very expensive. See link below.

Does anyone have any experience or recommendations that they can share?

My design accounts for 3 12 ' runs.



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We have used this in projects at work. It is available in multi-color units as well for special effects. Easy to install, just remember to seal up the end if it's a cut unit.

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I have used the strips/tape from Ledsupply. The come in even meter lengths and can be cut at 1/2 meter intervals. A 4meter strip cut at 3.5 would give you 138 inches of lighting - seems like that would work. They run on 120v which eliminates a driver and bonder an extra strip nections are simple. I typically order 27,000 color temp


You might also consider an led channel.
It’s an aluminum channel with a diffused panel that really makes a nice, clean and finished appearance. Search led channel on Amazon for examples.

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I have the cheap Chinese LEDs for under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. They work great however.... The power supplies that come with the cheap stuff gets scary hot. I replaced the power supply with an old laptop power supply and haven't had any issues since. The plug was even the same for an exact fit.

In short, I don't have any problems with the cheap Chinese LED "ropes" but get a decent power supply and don't trust the ones that come with the cheapo LED lights.


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Also, besides getting reliable lights, when installing make sure you run straight, if you use double stick tape this works well to get a straight and clean job. Then you can use elec staples if deired on the ends or along the way. If you do, it is better to use the stainless ones.


I put the ones from Lee Valley in a display cabinet. They were pricey, but easy to install, hook up, mount the power supply and on-off dimmer switch. With double stick tape, they're hidden on the inside of the front stiles. Really nice lights.



i used the philips hue ones, they integrate with Siri so you can ask her to change the lights to 50%, or red, or whatever. There are videos on YouTube about how to cut them across the solder joint, and then use 6 conductor wire to extend between shelf / cabinet levels OR there are also clip on adaptors to extend, turn corners, etc, just depends on your soldering skills. I also replaced the included power supplies with conventional power supplies so they could be direct wired into 110v. Lastly, the adhesive isn't the best, so i replaced with 3M VHB 4952



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I am just investigating putting these in a display cabinet. It is about 14' long and 5 ' tall. What I have found is there are LED strips and there are LED strips. The applications requires some thought on color. There are density ie LED's per foot, etc. I found this source for a description, not necessarily for purchase. I have not yet decided on what to purchase.

Lots of information out there. I am concluding, high density of LED's, several transformers. I am going to need about 60 feet of lights.


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Can strip lights be used directly in the shop area? Do they have enough light output to run on the ceiling over a workbench area?

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