Just a look back

Jim M.

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I got a chance to look back at a past project I haven't seen in forever. We're cleaning out our parents house and I found this in the storage area upstairs. I made it in the early eighties when I came home for a visit and saw my parents were watching the new 19" TV on top of the old console it replaced. I only had a few days to knock it out, so I repurposed some cabinet doors and paneling from the river cabin we tore down years back and some basic hand tools. They used it in several places it the home, it was last in the room we cared for my Dad before he past in '93. I don't even remember when my Mom replaced it. Two things I was chuckling about was the lauan plywood just slapped on the back as an afterthought and the huge gap on the doors. What almost brought me to tears was my Mom saved it all these year in a conditioned part of the house with the China, silver and other keepsakes as if it was a treasure. J



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Woody, "...one man's trash another man's treasure". When I was younger, I don't think I was very sentimental, but now that I am no longer young, I find that things that use to be just "things" are treasures...especially if they involved my children. I am sure your craftsmanship has improved over the years, but craftsmanship is not why your parents treasured it!

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