Jointer Knife Sharpening Jig

Ed Fasano

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Shop-crafted Deulen / Quik Hone-style jointer knife sharpening jig

$15.00 (local pickup)
$22.00 (shipped prepaid within Continental US via USPS)

Eliminate down-time of sending jointer knives away for sharpening. Enables the easy and inexpensive "scary sharp" sandpaper sharpening method for jointer knives. Insert jointer knives into the angled jig slots and snug the hex four grub screws. With progressively finer sheets of sandpaper adhered to plate glass, granite, or other flat sharpening surface, you will have keen, fresh knife edges. Sufficiently wide diamond plates can also be used.

Suitable for 6"–8” knives and 2 or 3 knife jointers. A specific sequence of knife rotation in in jig provides equal sharpening of each of the knives (see example video. Quick Hone Video

Made of hard Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba).

Notes: Method/Jig Not for recommended for carbide-edged knives. Great for sharpening/honing. Severely nicked/gouged knives should probably be professionally and equally ground or replaced.


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