I've got some teak to trade.


Senior User
I have a little stockpile of teak. Some smaller 8/4 pieces, a bunch of 7-8' long pieces about 3x3 or so, some smaller pieces. Not a ton, but probably worth it for some furniture work or turning. Looks like 8/4 teak is $31 a bf at the hardwood store. I think my face just melted like in raiders of the lost ark.

Anyway, I need to build a couple little sheds and do some repairs on this historical house I live in. I would like to trade this teak for an appropriate amount of "house wood." Cedar, cypress, heart pine that would make good boxing and siding. T&g decking would be great also, as I need to build a new door for my crawl space.

I mean, I could resaw this teak for little corner boards and window trim, but I'm sure someone here can make something nicer out of it.


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