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I know we are a ways away from most folks in the group, but in case you are near by or want to go in with others on some bundles, We have just placed an order for a much larger CNC machine, and due to its size and support equipment it requires we must make additional room in our building. Unfortunately for us, but good for our customers!!! Everything is marked at or below cost. Below are specials we will run until they are sold. Please call ahead to make sure we still have some of them on hand as we expect it to move fast. Please look at our normal price list so that you can see the steep reductions. Thanks.

4/4 Soft Maple Appalachian $2.00bf bundle only (285 bf)
12/4 Soft Maple Appalachian$3.00bf bundle only (approx. 150bf)
4/4 curly maple $2.50bf bundle only (350bf)
4/4 Figured Hard Maple $2.65bf for entire bundle (150 bf)
4/4 Quartersawn Red Oak (wide boards 9-17") 10% off
4/4 Cherry 80/50 Appalachian $2.00bf bundle only (370bf)
4/4 Osage Orange $2.75bf for entire bundle (approx. 200bf)
4/4 Anigre $2.95bf for entire bundle (284 bf)
4/4 Burma Teak $11.00bf (approx 45bf)

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