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Hi Everyone
For those of you who ordered my Intarsia Project Kits this is to inform you that they are on the way.:eusa_clap Thank you for your order
Although I started producing Intarsia Project Kits in 1993, my business has changed direction to include not just the kits, but finished pieces of Intarsia, small furniture, Custom Keepsake Boxes and other Custom Woodworking. I still offer the kits on my website but it's been a while since I had to do the old "mass production" thing .It started with producing the Rose Box Kits for the Intarsia class that some of you attended. Jill and I had a great time meeting with, and working with you great folks.
Anyways-- I thought y'all might be interested in seeing what is involved in producing a bunch of Woodworking Plus Intarsia Project Kits.
The process starts by rough sizing the 8/4 walnut, cherry and Mahogany lumber for the boxes. lots of re-sawing, jointing and planing to get my box blanks to the proper thickness, width and length. I need 44 blanks that are 1/2" thick, 3.25" wide and 32" long. I cut 50 just to make sure to have a few extras.
Next step is to miter the sizes of the boxes according to my cut sheets. This is a very important step because each box has to be the exact size to accommodate the backer boards and the patterns.

Mitered Box Blanks

The next step involves routing each set of box blanks for the backerboards and accent strips. I have an old Task Force Table saw that I converted into a double router station to do the upper and lower 1/4" grooves for the backers. I have another router set up to do the accent grooves.

Double Router Table
IMG_7206.JPG IMG_7209.JPG IMG_7211.JPG

Routed Boxes and backer boards

Once all of the routing, backer boards and accent strips are done it's time to cut the intarsia wood blanks for each box.
Each blank for each Intarsia is chosen for color and grain and cut to the proper thickness and size depending on the pattern for each project.
Each piece now has to be labeled according to the pattern cut sheet.The kit is then assembled with the box, accent strips and hinges.
IMG_0924.JPG IMG_0925.JPG

On to the stretch wrap station

All of the kits assembled and ready for final packaging.

Now we're getting close!!
Each kit comes with a complete set of instructions, patterns and color photo.
Once everything for each kit is assembled into the poly bag it is stapled shut with the info label.
Do this 44 times and this order is ready to ship.
So here is a re-cap of what it takes to put together an order of 44 Intarsia project Kits
44 boxes sized for each type of kit
7 miter cuts per box-- sequentially cut.
12 router cuts per box
88 plywood backer boards sized for each kit
164- 1/4" x 1/8" accent strips
118- 1/8" bookmatched sets
710 individual sized pieces for the intarsia
795 little labels
22 different woods.
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I was truly impressed by the attention to detail in the kits at the workshop. I'm looking forward to seeing these new ones as well. Great work Mike and great pics of the process.


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Thanks for the great post on "getting her done"! That is lots of work and believe me, we all appreciate seeing your great attention to detail and excellent quality. I ordered 4 of those kits and look forward to picking them up from the other Mike when they are available (I am planning a trip to the Ralleigh-Durham area in 2 weeks and hopefully can arrange a pick up then).

I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed the class at Bill Clemmon's shop last month and look forward to making all five of my boxes for gifts later this summer.

Rob Payne

Michael Mathews

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Wow, somehow I missed this post! Great pics of the process Mike!

And if anyone else is listening, the kits should be in my hands early next week! So if anyone happens to be coming by next week, please let me know and we'll make arrangements to get you your kits!


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Vtx Mike - it would be great if you could make it to the Raleigh Lunch Bunch meeting next week and bring some of the kits with you. We meet the 3rd Friday at 11:30 AM at the Carolina Ale House in Brier Creek.

Mark Stewart

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Thanks for all your hard work and also the sharing of this process. I'm looking forward to this project kit. I have been wanting to try this for some time now.


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Wow, Mike, you do everything but the intarsia work. Of course, this eliminates most of my excuses for not getting the box completed. :eusa_doh:


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Here's a few potential pics... I took them they are NOT copyrighted.


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