In search of Ipe.

Henry W

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Don't be critical here, but Capitol City carries Ipe 4x4s - or so says their website.

Ipe Hardwood 4x4 S4S - Capitol City Lumber

That will get you a full 2"x2" x 24" but it's ON SALE @ $15.26 a linear foot - and they likely won't cut it (treated more like standard lumber rather than hardwood sold in board feet). Sizes stated as from 8' -16' so you'd need to poney up 8 x 15 = ~ $120 + tax. Gotta really want a piece that dimension.
Lotta extra wood, but they have it listed - call ahead if you want to check stock - or I can head over there to check there for you. PM mw (I live close by).

Sorry I have some pieces of Ipe, but they max out at 2x4 size, not a full 2" thick.

Mike Davis

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Yeah, that’s what I have, a 2x4 about 4 feet long. The piece I need to turn is 2 inches.

maybe African Blackwood is going to be less expensive.


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I've got some 1.5"X1.5"X~18" storage. I can try to find them if there is any chance you can use smaller stock.


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C'mon Chris it's not awful to turn, it is a pain and you have to go slow, but it is all perspective. A Awful to turn is Ironwood,Lychee and some of the Keawe, those are a real pain. :)

Mike Davis

Corporate Member
Ken, I would like 24 but will settle for 20”. Thanks but 16 is too short.

may have to use some other wood

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