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Michael Shelley
Just got my PC HVLP gun today and would like some guidence on what pressures to run at the compressor and at the gun.



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Hello Mike,
I got my PC PSH1 HVLP this week too. Haven't used it yet, but it looks like a good gun. Based on the literature, I'm going to crank the compressor down to about 90 and then regulate the pressure to 40-45 at the gun with the gun regulator. Lately, my system has been blowing a lot of water with the air, probably time to bleed the tank, but I'm going to get an air dryer to wring all of the water out of the air. You can get by without an air dryer by bleeding the water out of the tank every time you spray.

Travis Porter

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I have been setting my compressor at around 50 PSI. Gun has been set to around 35 to 40.

Let us know what you think.


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HVLP is simple. Most conversion guns drop the line pressure by a factor of ten. 40 PSI at the gun equals 4 at the nose. Put a regulator on the gun and run the rest of the system at 90 PSI. Most of the time the pressure runs between 2 and 4 pounds at the tip.

The most important setting is the fan pattern. Hang a piece of news paper and shoot one place until it runs. If the entire pattern runs at the same time, you've got the right pressure.
If one side runs first, then adjust the pressure or mix until you get an even coat.

I only spray water based products because I've scared of a high air/fuel mixture and potential sparks. The wipe on oils are too simple to use and control so I don't bother.

For heavy products like Latex you may need a larger needle/nozzle but I gererally manage with different pressure/flow settings.

The most important advice is to experiment with newspaper and practice adjustments and coverage.

One advantage of water based finishes is that you don't have to clean the gun immeatiately. One of our reps keeps a water based top coat in the gun for demonstrations all day and usually overnight. I don't.

Cleaning is simple, disassemble, run under clean warm water wipe the parts down with a paper towel. Rinse the gun then blow it out, you're done.
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