Hums, but I can't place the tune....


My 3HP 3 PH planer motor hums but doesn't rotate. Someone had suggested that perhaps it had "dropped a leg". Would this be a reference to a fault in the motor or in the line between motor and sub panel? Should this be left to an electrician to figure out, or can a bumbler do it? If it's the motor, would replacing it be enuff or did something else cause it to go wonky?...none of the breakers had tripped.


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Check connections then check fuses. If it has fuses, you could have a blown fuse on one leg.

If those are ok, then, you could have a bad winding or wire break check each winding with an ohm meter. If they are more than 5% different, that indicate there is a winding bad. While checking windings check the bearings as well, if the motor has them.
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Since it is 3PH there would be no start capacitor. Have you checked to see if your heaters in the starter are okay? Is your voltage reaching the motor? I don't know if you have a magnetic starter or a manual one, but you could check contacts to see if there is some crud built up on them.

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"Dropping a leg" is the most likely cause. The motor isn't getting feed from all three wires. Just where the break is along your wires and connectors can be anybody's guess.
A loose connection in the plug or somewhere else.
A faulty contact in the starter
A pinched cord could have one wire broken.
An electrical storm can knock out one of the three transformers.
Its a matter of getting a meter and checking things.

A motor burn out will usually occur during heavy use.

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