Help with Odies Products breakdown.


Hey team, I’m hoping the hive mind can help explain something to me that the Odies web page does not seem to want to explain.

I have even talked to a couple of “dealers” and they seem to know only that they carry it and nothing about the actual product. (Which I find telling of the Odies company in and if itself as one would assume they would want their retailers to be very well versed in the product.)

Can anyone explain the differences between the following and when/why you would use them:
Odies Oil
Odies Super Duper Oil
Odies Wood Butter
Odies Solvent-free Super Penetrating Oil
Odies Wax

I really like Odies Oil now that I understand the proper way to apply it and I’m interested in the other products but I just don’t understand why something other than the original would be needed. Im a big believer in ROI and if the other products aren’t really going to give me a value add I’d rather spend the money on more regular Odies.

Any info will be appreciated as long as you aren’t telling me why I shouldn’t use it.

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