Help finding a interior passage door raised panel bit

Johnny Johnson

I just had three solid wood six panel doors installed in my hallway to replace hollow doors. I have a small (20 1/2" by 50" hollow door) door that is for a small linen closet that is above the 25" by 20" return for my heat pump. This is typical setup for houses build in the 80's. I would like to build a door for the closet to have panels that somewhat resemble the other doors. I have several Cabinet door bit sets, but they all have large concave bits to raise the panel. I am trying to find a1/2 shank bit that will have an almost flat area from the stile to the center section of the raised panel. That will somewhat match the other doors. The only thing is since it is not a real door it will not been seen from both sides (like a bedroom door) so the inside will look like a cabinet door. I will have to plane the panel from 13/16" to a thin one to make it match the other doors.

Can someone help with the name of these door bits or a site that sells them?

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