Hello from Surry Co


Good evening. Wanting to get into some woodworking. Areas of interest are crafts and toys, "simple" bookcases, desks, tables and benches, etc., outdoor furniture such as chairs and benches, planter boxes.

I've done a few simple ones in the past, mostly just experimenting.

New to Surry Co, having escaped NY in January. Just getting a work area set up and hope to get started on a few projects soon.

My work table is 4'x8' on casters. This houses my table saw, miter saw, and router table. I have another bench that houses my Ryobi drill press and a 6" vice.

For equipment as of now, I have an older Craftsman 10" table saw, a Craftsman 10" single bevel miter saw, DeWalt 779 12" double-bevel slider, DeWalt 735 planer, Ryobi and Craftsman routers, Bosch trim router, various drills, old handsaws and even an old hand plane.

I found this site quite by accident. Hoping to sit back, listen to stories, ask questions, and learn.

My regular job is in deliverable fuels, mostly propane and heating fuels.


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Welcome Tim,
We are glad you found us.

I think you will find some inspiration here and we look forward to seeing your work too.


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Welcome Tim, ask a question and you will get several right answers here!

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