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Rick Mainhart

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Hi, I'm Rick from Kernersville. We moved here after I retired from the US Coast Guard in 1995.

I've been woodworking since the early 1980s in one form or another. I started out with home improvement projects, and gradually moved into small projects and craft items. My woodworking experience then pushed me into the CNC world machining High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene in the lead-acid battery manufacturing environment.

The CNC experience has led me to making a lot of various shelf projects for work (workbench risers for general purpose and specific purpose RF test systems), as well as sign making and reverse engraved machine labels.

My latest project has been a set of bookcases for our church library, which has used pretty much every tool I own. I'll post the complete project once installed.

I appreciate the contributions and discussions here, and have found opportunity to pass along what I've learned to others. I just passed along the Sagulator link to "Acorn To Arabella" ... a YouTube channel documenting building a 1928 designed wooden Ketch (there was discussion on how much the mast shelf would deflect).

I'm now fully retired, and spend a lot more time in the shop getting things organized, building fixtures to make my project building safer and quicker, and generally having fun making sawdust. Not much plastic machining these days, but I do have a scrap or two lying around!




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Welcome. Good to have another Coastie on board. I retired in 1993.

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