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With winter coming on and as I am older and don’t like to be cold and just throwing out a large bag of sawdust. I was wondering if anyone had tried heating their shop with a sawdust stove? Not a lot on the Internet about a sawdust stove. I have in the fast used one of the kerosene jet heaters but kerosene is expensive.


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No stove for me either and I hate the smell of kerosene. I just use a 220v garage heater that hangs on from my ceiling. I can't work in short and t-shirt but I can work in jeans and a flannel shirt.

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Back when I still had a wood stove in the house, I would fill up a brown grocery bag with sawdust and burn that. Worked well and got rid of the sawdust. I would have some logs in the stove to go on with heating after the sawdust had burned up. It took awhile for all the sawdust to be consumed, but you would need some wood to keep the fire going for any length of time-like several hours.

Roy G


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Way back a while, we had one member whose shop was a small metal shed. He made a small wood stove out of a rural-sized mailbox (exhausted outside with an old stove pipe) set on concrete blocks, and burned his scraps and sawdust in it. The draft was controlled by opening or closing the front door. It worked fairly well (still needed heavy clothes when the temps were around freezing) as the thin metal sides radiated the heat readily. Downside is having enough clearance around it to prevent anything else catching fire, and IIRC, he went through a mailbox each year.

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