Haywood CC Professional Crafts--Wood: That's a wrap!

Darl Bundren

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On Friday, May 10th, Haywood Community College held commencement exercises for the Professional Crafts Program, and while I skipped that event to eat tacos with my loved ones, I am now formally a graduate of the Wood Program, a two-year degree curriculum that refines woodworking skills, fosters design proficiency, and prepares graduates to enter the business world after matriculation.

I am fortunate to have been chosen as a recipient of the NCWoodworkers.net scholarship, funding that made my labors more enjoyable by liberating me from fretting as much about financing my degree. For that I am appreciative, and if you donated to the scholarship program, thanks especially to you.

On Saturday the 11th, the HCC Graduate Show opened in the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and two of my works will be on display there along with contributions from my studio colleagues and artists in the other media areas. If you’re local or up this way, check it out–biased as I am, I think the entries demonstrate the merits of the HCC program.

During my final semester, I took juried photos of my work and compiled them in a portfolio (PDF linked below). Feel free to check it out–I’m happy with how it turned out and the range of projects I included.

As I mentioned earlier, thanks again for being supportive of students who are fortunate enough to participate in the program. And, if you have questions or would like information about HCC, don’t hesitate to ask. And if there's some issue accessing the portfolio, please let me know.

Kromer Portfolio LINK


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Allen, congratulations on your achievement. We here are proud to have assisted in your adventures of woodworking. We also look forward to your continued growth in this medium we find so inspiring. Please keep sharing with us the items you are creating and the ideas you are exploring. You may find that collaborating with others here will not only help you grow, but will inspire others with similar ideas. Perhaps you will consider putting on a workshop in your area to share some of the techniques you have mastered or maybe a project based workshop. Either would be fun and challenging.
Again, congratulations and thank you for the kind words about our organization.

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Congratulations Allen--Clearly NCWW's investment in you paid off. I'm hoping your investment in yourself will pay off handsomely. I know what it takes to graduate from the HCC Master Crafts-Wood program. Go forth and make.

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