Harbor Freight Dowel Jig

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This looks like a great tool, but turned out to be a total flop for me. The materials and basic design look great. The problem is that the leading shafts that keep the pressing blocks aligned are way too loose of a fit. The pressing blocks align just fine along the long axis because they clamp on the wood, but along the short axis they go way out of being coplanar. Worse yet they do so in an uneven fashion on each side. That means the dowels not only are not centered, but are also on a slight angle.

As a result I found it to be totally useless. I'd return it but I bought it a couple years ago and didn't use it for a while.

I may at some point tinker with the idea of drilling out the holes bigger and adding bushings to make for a snug fit and better alignment, but for now it sits in a drawer unused.
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