Hand saw skills workshop


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I would like to do the hand saw skills workshop again.
When Saturday March 30 at 10am until early afternoon
Where Bill Clemmons Shop in Liberty
Lunch, we will order pizza and its usually around $7.00 each
Number of students 6
Cost is a donation to the site, I would recommend $50.00 if you can.

This workshop will cover the use of several hand saws, for breaking down stock to cutting joinery.
We will discuss what had saws you need for your woodworking, the types of saws nd their uses.
I know that most folks will be more interested in the use of their different back saws and feel we can start with drills to help you start your cut easier. How to cut to the line. How to diagnose what is happening while using the saw, ie when to blame the saw or the sawyer.
I feel these drills help make a better sawyer out of everyone.
So if you are interested please sign up we will have some fun and learn from one another.

Things you will need to bring with you will be a marking knife, marking gauge, a square, a few joinery saws if you have them, ie dovetail saw, carcass saw, tenon saw, a couple chisels say 1/4” and 1”. I will have several saws with me for folks to try.
I personally use western style hand saws and I know a lot you use Japanese style saws, so if you have them bring them and we will apply the same drills to them as well. I have used both styles of saws successfully and the same principles apply to these saws in use.
I look forward to seeing everyone and having some fun sharing and helping folks to improve their sawing skills.
Richard, I need to drop off this class as it conflicts with a twa workshop with Tom McClaughin on chair making.


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So it looks as though we have an opening for this workshop if anyone is interested.

Bill Clemmons

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Actually we have two openings to reach six participants. Here is the current list. Let me know if I missed anyone.



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Ok guys it looks like we have full workshop. I look forward to working with you all. These are some things if you have them you can bring them.
small square, or combination square
marking knife
1/4”, 1/2”, and 1” chisels
a dovetail marker or a bevel gauge
a few saws if you have them
i will have with me several saws with me
ill have a few full rip saws, crosscut saws.
ill also have a few tenon saws, carcass saws and dovetail saws. This will give everyone an opportunity to play with several different designs and types of saws.
we will discuss the anatomy of saws along with the different configurations and how they effect the performance of starting and cutting while using.i will walk you through the process I use to accomplish being a better sawyer. We will preform exercises that I do regularly to maintain my practice but also to assess my saws condition. This is where we learn is it the tool or the operator, and yes sometimes it’s the tool. We learn how to grip the saw correctly, how to start a saw correctly to create more accurate saw cuts. The goal is to point you in the direction of being able to assemble joinery from the saw and lessen the use of chisels. This will increase the accuracy of your work in the long run. This will be a fun informative day and I hope everyone comes away with a better understanding hand saws and how to use them.

Bill Clemmons

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Had a good workshop Saturday (3/30) and some pics to prove it. :) You can see more pics in this Handsaw Skills Workshop album.


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