Guys don't do this!!

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I've had a habit of leaving stuff like rulers, etc in the well of my fence for years and years.

The other day, some how right at the end of a cut, this allen wrench somehow flipped out and landed where you see it just as I was shutting down the saw. Luckily I was leaning over toward the switch at the time. If the blade had caught it...I don't even want to think about it.



Wyatt Co.

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Saw your post on this at lumberjocks as well (love that place). But yes, we all to often use our table saws as a workbench. Thanks a bunch for the friendly reminder of why we should go out of our way of clean up/pick up when we do.


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DrBob, I can fence becomes a perch, too. Thank you for the reminder.


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I keep a couple steel rulers, 12 inch and 18 inch, on top of my rip fence too. I use them to set the fence. But my rip fence has a wooden face that is about 4 inches tall (made of melamine particle board). So there is very little risk of anything falling off the 1.5 inch rip fence up over the 4 inch high wooden face.


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I also keep a few Allen wrenches and a depth gauge on the front end of my Grizzly Saw's fence, but to date, I haven't had any issues with them dropping off onto the saw (I have knocked a few of them off onto the floor). But that doesn't mean I haven't done some semi-stupid things while operating it.

The worst incident I had was a real scare, but no injury involved. I was ripping some 3/4" wide cleats from 3/4" white oak for a wine cellar I was building. For the operation, i was using a cutoff as a push stick to feed the source stock through against the fence that was set at 3/4". The blade grabbed my push stick and pulled it down into the blade insert clearance hole, busting the cast metal insert. I was very fortunate that nothing flew back. (The fence was moved back when I took this picture.) Dumb move!



Bruce Swanson
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My Exacta Fence calls out like the Siren's Song, lay that thing here! It's a great temptation, and when I do lay that ruler down, it's when I'm not using the saw. So DrBob, your safety tip for today is one I will endeavor to conform to from now on. Thank you!


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I saw a suggestion - hot melt glue a magnet on the fence for tools
I haven't done it, and probably should, but I think NOT using the fence for small tool storage is the better suggestion!

Pop Golden

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3 things lay in my fence well. A 12 inch steel rule & 2 push sticks. That's all! I have a rolling table that slides under my table extension. That's were the blade changing stuff, special push devices, height gauge, etc. resides.

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