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Once again it is time to nominate members for the Golden Mallet award. This shall be presented to the member that we choose to be the best representative of the spirit of NCWW, the friendliest and most helpful site on the internet.

Nominations should be posted to this thread (current board members should be excluded). The nomination period shall run from now until April 15 and voting will run from April 16 until May 9 (the week before the picnic, if it is on schedule and not postponed due to the current crisis).

The award will be presented at the annual picnic whenever that is rescheduled if need be.


Board of Directors, Secretary
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Here are the rules - thanks Hank - I copied this from your post - can someone remind me who the 2019 winner was. Edit: added 2019 winner to list. Thanks Phil.

Golden Mallet
The Golden Mallet award is presented to the person that in the opinion of the membership "Most represents the goals and spirit of NCWW"
  • Previous winners are not eligible.
  • Current Board members are not eligible.

Previous winners

2013- Mike Davis
2014- Bill Clemmons
2015- b4man and Charlie
2016- Ethan Poole
2017- PhilS
2018- Bruce Swanson
2019- Skymaster

The Goals of NCWW
The goal of is to provide a welcoming atmosphere that fosters a unique sense of community for any North Carolina woodworker who wishes to participate or lurk. The main aspects to meeting these goals are:

  1. Guests and members surfing our site should feel that they are welcome and that participating in our site is a worthwhile and pleasant experience. We strive to maintain a polite and helpful tone in our posts, replies, and questions.
  2. We seek to ensure that guests and all members of their families are comfortable viewing site content. Every effort is made to monitor User names, avatars, signatures, biographies, and posts in pursuit of that goal.
  3. Members may post threads, comments, replies, questions, and make suggestions without fear of abuse from other members or staff.
  4. We wish to create an atmosphere that fosters attitudes about other members that are conducive to a desire to meet others in person and help each other both on the site and in person.
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