Gearing Up


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Several members have asked for some details on making and driving gears. While I profess to be no expert, I've made my fair share of gears and motor systems.
So this is an open solicitation on doing one or more in-shop demonstration(s) of making and using gears.
Here's what I was thinking of covering:
1 - what is a gear and how is it defined - how does one design a gear?
2 - how to cut a gear - both CNC and "manual" (the latter is easier than you might think).
3 - how to calculate gear trains
4 - ideas for shafts, bearings, etc.
5 - ideas for motor drives - after all, gears are meant to be driven!
6 - I am open to other requests - just let me know.

I have a smallish shop, so can accommodate around 5 other people (maybe that's 4 more than needed!!!).
My shop is in Durham and was thinking a session between T-day and Christmas.
If you are interested, reply here.

Michael Mathews

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Yes, interested!
Joe, maybe you and I need to get together beforehand and this might be a good opportunity to have this in my shop?


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Count me in as very interested. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


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All - Mike has graciously offered to host this at his shop since it is large enough to accommodate everyone. Thanks Mike!
We're looking at a Saturday 11th or Sunday 12th of December. Probably 2 - 2.5hrs long.
Will send out a notice with more details in a week or so.

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