Found Out Who I Am

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Found Out Who I Am

Roger, born 1946 and reared in a cotton mill village (Caroleen) in western NC. You can do the math! Attended UNC-Chapel Hill from 1964 until 1968. In 1969 I was drafted into the Marine Corps, but managed to stay out of Vietnam. Whew! I returned to Chapel Hill and went to work at the University Printing Services. Worked in a variety of capacities there, becoming involved in typesetting which evolved into digital prepress. It was a great time to be in a rapidly changing technology and UNC afforded me an opportunity to work with an incredible, diverse group of people. I retired from state employment in 1999 as Prepress Manager. I loved working with the technology, but really didn't enjoy the stress of production and management. Occasionally I work part-time. My wonderful lady, Linda, works full time in community development, mostly focusing on low income housing.

My father passed away in late 2000, leaving me an assortment of woodworking tools. So I fixed up a small shop and have been upgrading some of the "crapsman" tools, endeavoring to acquire basic woodworking skills. I’ve yet to achieve that. Current foci are: building cabinets/storage and jigs for tools; installing some dust collection (getting close); and sharpening tools (though I only have chisels).

Other hobbies or interests include:
Avid reader (woodworking, early NC history/maps, novels, and current events)
Dabble in photography (doesn’t everyone?)
Travel (favorite to-date was Australia)
Plants, mostly flower, shrub, and tree planting with a little vegetable gardening
Music (mostly blues, reggae, and rock currently)
Physical fitness (2 hour visits to health club 4 times a week and volleyball once a week)
Computer interest is mostly limited to Apple Macintosh because of graphic arts background. I purchased a Mac Plus in 1986 and my passion for Apple products continues.

Well, now I’m fully exposed. I’ll be posting all my credit card numbers, PINS, and passwords next week.



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In the words of an organization that I've belonged to for over 17 years,

"Thanks for sharing" =D>

Seriously, thanks!

Now we have to get "night stalker" to tell us his first name.
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