FOR SALE: Clamps, framing squares, and Ryobi


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Clearing out my garage and have some stuff I’m looking to get rid of. I’m located in Raleigh close to Crabtree mall.

- PENDING PICK UP - (2) 36” Bessey F clamps. These are good clamps but the head has 2 pads and they don’t fit in my clamp rack well. $10 for the pair

- (3) 16x24 framing squares. -
- (2) 8x12 framing squares -
Would like to get rid of all 5 together. $10 for the lot of them

- SOLD - Ryobi - all are like new and got almost no use at all. Except for the wired charger I kept the rest of it in my truck in case of a flat tire. Only used them maybe twice but were awesome when I needed them.
- 30 minute charger
- 1.5 AH battery
- charger that plugs into cigarette lighter
- tire inflator
- would like to sell these as a package. Each one individually was around $40. I’ll take $30 for all of them together or $10 per item.


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Clamps are pending pick up and the Ryobi stuff is getting ready to be picked up. Only thing I have left is the framing squares

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