First Attempt at Maloof Style Rocking Chair


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Here is my first attempt at a Maloof style rocking chair, and maybe my last, but more on that later. I used Charles Brock's book, DVD, and templates for this build which were really helpful but still created moments of stepping back, scratching my chin and wondering "How in the heck do you do that? That doesn't look anything at all like the DVD." This was a complicated and challenging build. I consider myself a reasonably competent woodworker and have built some pretty complicated pieces, i.e. highboy, corner cupboard, grandmother clock, Windsor chair, etc. This piece challenged me. My original plan was to do this one in walnut as I had a number of 8/4 short pieces of walnut left over from other projects and I figured I could do a reasonably acceptable job and finish a "keepable" piece. After this one and I had worked out all the questions, details, and the "how exactly do I do that", I was going to do a second on in a really figured wood such as curly or tiger maple. Not so sure of that now. I naively thought I would knock this one out in a month. Ha! Four months later and here it is. This is walnut with the accent wood in the rockers being maple and wenge. The plugs for the screw holes is wenge. That brings up another questions. Is it pronounced "wenge", one syllable, rhymes with "hinge", or is it "wen gay", two syllables, rhymes with "ben gay"? When I looked it up, I found it both ways.

In any event, I did enjoy this build and thanks for looking.

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Wow--that is a beautiful work of art. You have far surpassed "reasonably competent woodworker". Every aspect and piece of your chair is shaped, and the joints, from this distance, look seamless, which was Sam's intent from the beginning.


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On UNC-TV, the last two episodes of “American Woodworker” were on making a Maloof rocker. He had some useful tips.

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Great job. Next one will be easier but I doubt it could look any better


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Rob, superb work! I really love how well sculpted the lines are...very delicate and inviting. I'll bet it's hard to resist sitting in it every time you walk by.


I have done three of them. It is certainly a big undertaking and a big accomplishment. Great job!


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Awesome craftsmanship! I have never attempted a chair; for me a Maloof Rocker seems to be a challenge too far.

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