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Of course we would all love to have a HEPA clean downdraft finishing room. If I win the lottery. But in the mean time, looking for advice on what others do for cleanliness.

I vacuum and then use the leaf blower for two days, letting things settle. Then settle again. I still get too much dust dropping on my finish. I was thinking of putting a lean-to on the side of the shop and spray outside, then carry things in. I was also thinking about a big camping tent. Screened so bugs would not pay it a visit. Outside, though sometimes uncomfortable and weather permitting does have some safety advantages.


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Autobody shops with spray booths still have to fight trash in the finish. Color sanding and buffing are almost always necessary.
Wetting down the floor helps some. It is also said that much of the dust comes from the person doing the spraying. A paint suit can help there.


We have two automotive spray booths in our paint shop that we use to paint cabinetry and furniture. We fight trash in the paint too. Keeping moving air on it (we have a side draft booth that sucks everything down and to the sides) and wearing a clean spray suit with a hood does help.

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I spray precat or postcat lacquer. Since it dries so fast, dust is not an issue


Yea, will be testing soon. The idea of spraying outside and take in seems most logical.
If I could get my Stag on the road, then the inflatable looks very attractive. Unfortunately, I am only half way through. Need to re-plumb the HVAC and re-install the dash to make it moveable again. My first attempt at cold-mold for the dash is not as good as it should be, so I bought more Walnut and will do it again.


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I built a 10 x 14 shed to spray in. Insulated and has heat and air. Has worked out well

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