Finish sprayer upgrade?


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I currently have a Wagner Flexio 5000 HVLP similar to this Flexio.

I’ve only used it for small projects like painting interior doors and cabinets. Turned out better than rolling but I’m not totally impressed with it.

Someone nearby is selling a Graco Magnum X5 unit for less than I paid for the Wagner. This unit is marketed as true airless (whatever that means). Would this be a significant upgrade from the Wagner or am I better off keeping what I have for now?

Either route I go, I’m planning on painting a 400sqft addition (interior and exterior) in the next year and I would like to get into some spray finishes for woodworking projects in the future.


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Spraying an addition the Grayco is great. Wood working projects No. Its not HLVP and it takes a lot of paint to get the system loaded up to spray. Im in Clayton if want to see some idea's


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That system is designed for spraying large projects like walls ceilings doors and so on. The right compressor system or turbine system would be a better fit for most woodworking projects. Dirk is correct about the level of waste involved as well.


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Thanks for the advice everyone. Sounds like I need to save up for that Fuji Mine Mite 4 I see talked about here often.


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Thanks for the advice everyone. Sounds like I need to save up for that Fuji Mine Mite 4 I see talked about here often.
I wrote a review on the Mini-Mite 4 a few years ago which should still be posted under "Reviews". It's a great system.


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I have the Graco X7 it is a good machine but it really is a home DIY tool, a good quality one though. Like Graywolf stated if you are wood working then my recommendation is a turbine. You will be able to get excellent finishes without a hard learning curve.

Airless machine by design are made to shoot large volumes of finish quickly. So to finish with lacquer or varnish with them, you swap the tip (smaller spray nozzle tip) and then adjust the pressure. And... in order to get it to laydown nicely you need a larger area. That is where the machine shines. I have only used my airless once to finish one wood panel wall. It made sense because I had to shoot close to a gallon.

However, if you are going to do a lot of Home repair which includes a lot of painting, an airless is something definitely worth having.

FYI- to clean the tool it takes on average 10-20 min every time, and if you only use intermittently, then after clean it you store some antifreeze in the head to keep it lubricated and prevent corrosion. That means you then have to clean it out 1st before using it. So, yeah great for larger volume jobs.


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I have that unit. It’s really made to spray latex paint. Does a good job painting walls etc.

Not a finish sprayer. You’re best bet for that is a turbine or compressor gun.

I’ve had good luck with the Sprayport3. Probably the best bang for the buck out there.


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Below is everything you need plus a 60 gallon compressor.

These are made in Asia, you can go to Finishline 4 for US made.

I have the original Finishline 3, going on 20 years, sprayed more gallons than I can remember, never missed a beat.

If you add De Kups or 3M Liners, the gun cleanup is faster than cleaning a paint brush and provided the finish is not post catalyzed you can leave the finish in the gun for weeks.



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I had a similar Graco unit. It worked great for staining fences (spraying). I got the roller attachment and used it to paint the inside of a 3000 sf house. I was OK for that, nice to not have to keep dipping your roller. However, a pain to clean up. Ultimately I decided dipping the roller was better than the Graco unit clean up. I think if you used it every day you would have a better set up for cleaning, but for infrequent use, it wasn’t worth it for indoor painting…but worth it for outdoor spraying.


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I realize this is amazing low tech, but I have been using the Critter sprayer and it’s been great. Nowhere close to the Fujis or similar HVLP sprayers in terms of price, technology or anything else, but I use it with my Makita compressor and never had an issue. Recommend it as long as you’re okay with a relatively low tech solution (and I think they’re about $60 if I remember correctly).


I have a Fujispray Q3 platinum that Im gonna list soon, works absolutely perfect, I just find myself reaching for the HVLP guns. If your interested in the Q3 just shoot me a message and If your anywhere near wilkes your welcome to come try it out.

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