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I am involved in sawing logs for outdoor benches from yet-to-be-determined species and I need to pass on recommendations for a finish. Very likely the wood will still be wet when the benches are made. Plans are to let then "dry" in place then apply finish. Any finishes for wet wood? Anyone used eco wood?
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It would be much better to saw the logs into lumber and let the lumber dry for at least 6 months. It looks like you have an immediate need for the benches, so this can't be done.

Any finish will impede the drying of the wood. By the time the wood sits outdoors and dries, the color of the wood will change. If you don't like the color, you're stuck with a dark stain sealed with marine varnish or polyurethane, or paint as a final finish.

Think this project through before you use wet wood fresh from a live tree and leave it exposed to dry. I haven't even gone into what contortions the wood may bend itself into in the drying process.

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