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I have finally procured a decent table saw. TS3650.jpg

I know I'll need feather boards, push sticks, jigs, and the like. I'll also need good blades for ripping, crosscutting, and sheet goods. I will be getting opinions from the brain trust here for those.

Right now, I need to clean it up a bit and protect the top. What recommendations would you have for cleaning & protecting cast iron? After the cleaning, I'll check alignment.

What do I need, that I am not thinking of, that you find helpful?



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Whenever I need to cleanup my cast iron surfaces (which can be often this time of year) I spray them down with WD40 and scrub with fine steel wool, this takes alot of elbow grease. I then wipe it off completely and apply 2 coats of Johnsons paste wax, allowing it to haze between coats and buff it off.

Charles Lent

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I do the same as Chris, except I use a scotch brite pad instead of steel wool, and the first time that I apply the wax I warm the cast iron with a heat gun to get the wax deeper into the pores of the cast iron. The wax applications after this just get applied cold, wait for the haze to form and wipe off with a clean dry rag.

I also use paste wax on the gears and slides of the mechanism, applied with a tooth brush. The wax surface dries, preventing sawdust build-up, but the wax layer keeps everything lubricated. Oil and grease become a sawdust magnet.

Don't use any wax containing silicone. I have banned silicone from my shop. Anywhere silicone touches your projects will become a spot that finishes will not stick to. Fish eyes will be the result, and even sanding does not seem to completely remove it.

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