Festool Dust Extractor Plug Replacement


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The plug on the front of my dust extractor has always been finicky. More recently, I cannot seem to keep the tools plugged in even with the weight of the dust hose touching it. Is there a better alternative than purchasing a replacement from Festool?

I would like to keep the feature that the tool turns on the dust extractor and do not know if this is something special in the plug housing or electronics in the dust collector. Does anyone know how this works?

My unit is one of the early models CT22E which has been replaced but parts are still available.

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That seems to be a weak point - mine did the same. The replacement plug is an entire assembly and at $35 it is expensive. I found no OEM part that would work. The tool on/off circuitry is not in that plug so if you can find a different plug you will not affect the on/off function. Good luck


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Thanks for the feedback. I will try taking it out and bending it first. If that fails, I will order a new one.

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