Festool 125 Rotex useage question


Senior User
I recently bought the Festool 125 Rotex sander. While I am extremely impressed with its ability to remove heavy stock quickly (in ROTEX mode) if need be, im not that impressed when used in standard mode (ROS). While finishing a large island top required some Rotex mode useage, leveling some glue lines etc, I went from 80 to 120 in Rotex and switched to ROS mode. What I found was the sander is far easier to control in Rotex mode than ROS?. Has anyone else experienced this?. The surface IS flat but the sander wants to dart and jump around in ROS mode for some reason , even with higher grits. Am I missing something here?. If I switch to Rotex mode, it calms down and works fine.

Bill Clemmons

Corporate Member
I have the 150 model and have experienced some of the same thing you have. I usually don't switch to the finer mode until around 220 or 320 grit. Controlling the sander in the finer mode just takes some getting used to. If you lean it just slightly off plum it wants to jump around on the workpiece more. It just takes practice.

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