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I got an email this morning and this dove tail jig is on sale. I was wondering what your opinion is on it. I am half way looking for a dove tail jig. Hoping it is easy to use and appropriate for a novice. If you don't like this one, which one do you like?



Papa Red
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I have a Leigh 24" dovetail jig (older 90's version) and love it. Very easy to use and adjust once you understand how to use it. There is a learning curve. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase that brand again. Your link above brings you to Woodcrafts page a jigs not a specific one. Good luck.



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Assuming its the WoodRiver, it looks a lot like the Porter Cable jig I had years ago.

It worked OK, but you get what you pay for.


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Sorry it is this model

WoodRiver - 12-1/2" Dovetail Jig With Half-Blind Template



maybe this link works

There is a porter cable that is about the same price when you figure in both templates
Porter Cable - 12" Dovetail Jigs, Deluxe Model 4212




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I make only half blind dovetails which is what the woodriver does. I use a HF jig but I replaced the template guide with one from Grizzly. The template guide mine came with is 1 inch spacing and I wanted 7/8 and it was also cast, not machined and I wanted the smoother finish. Even with the new template guide it was significantly less than the sale price of the woodriver. I think the normal price of the HF is $40. I think the template guide was about $20. But I did not look either up to be sure. I recently bought another HF and stripped it down to do domino drawer joints (for plywood). I got it on sale for $30.

Both my HF and the woodriver have a bar to limit the depth it cuts into the fronts (or backs). That is a useful feature, especially if you use nominal 1/2 plywood that is really thinner. But it also is a bit difficult to set up. If the directions are good (the HF were not) it isn't too bad. I found some other directions on line. You also have to set the amount the fronts are offset from the sides. And the dovetail bit depth. I am pretty sure the PC half blind jig gives you more help with these settings. But a jig like the HF or woodriver will do excellant dovetails, it just is a little harder to set up. I mention this because it sounds like you do not have a lot of experience. That is not a killer as long as you are patient and count on spending at least an hour on the initial setup.

bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
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There is a learning curve.
Red said it all. No matter which jig, there'll be a learning curve. Lots of testing and fooling around to get started.
Most people that use router dovetail jigs will have a router specifically dedicated and set up for their dovetail jig.

I'm still using a Sears dovetail jig I got in the mid 1970s. The pins are 7/8" on center so I have to plan my drawer height to accommodate that.

A cheap and flimsy router will give you a fit. The router needs to be strong and rigid. The bits need to be sharp and well made. Some cheap bits will snap off and then you have to go through the whole setup ritual again.

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