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Well I'm back from Maine and New Hampshire and its time to burn off some of the lobster and butter pounds. I mentioned before I went away that I had to build a new table for the kitchen we recently upgraded.

A little history to make a point. The round table made of oak has been the corner stone of the family and multiple moves over the course of 20 years in the USAF and 20 more since retirement. My wife asked but didn't push to hard to get me to build another table for the house- this time make it rectangular. Ok I'll do it.

I haven't seen much in the way of projects over the last few months so maybe a project with photos will stir up some interest?

This is the beginning of the leg post build. I am building a walnut undercarriage and I am still undecided on the table surface at the moment.

The walnut is from a member/sawyer here by the name of Ricky Pope. He's been very helpful and he's ready to help others who like slabs and live edge stock. Trust me when I say his stock is impressive and his prices are very reasonable.

The photos show dead straight walnut stock and I could not be happier so far. I will post more photos as the build progresses.

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It is going to be beautiful, the walnut looks awesome...I am looking forward to seeing more pictures as the table progresses!


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That's a good start, I look forward to seeing more soon.

Roy G

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Dan, are you making a trestle style table or one with legs at the corners of the top? I like the walnut looks very nice. And your camera angle makes it look like this might be a very big table. What's the dimensions going to be?

Roy G


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Soto table from FWW article.

Roy this is the tablle I am building. Back on 8 July, I stirred up a copy-right issue and the thread died suddenly in mid stream. After a two week visit to Maine I decided to start the build without referring to the article.

The issue is FWW 262 and the build was laid out in careful detail in the magazine. I only wanted the leg ideas from the article. The table will not be offered for sale.

From the pictures above, you can see that I have made the 2 vertical posts and the bottom foot for each leg assembly. My first thoughts were to make a table closer to a Nakashima design but this one appealed to my wife who asked for a rectangular table top to sit next to the window and accomodate a group of 8 if needed.


George Nakashima style table with vertical legs spread apart.


Nakashima original "Conoid" table.

The project would be moving more quickly if I had the table top stock on hand. Unlike the table above, my table will be shorter in length(not 96" long and wider than the one in the photo 1).

Soto joined the bookmatched walnut pieces and I am still deciding to let the pieces float with a small gap in the middle or join them. I haven't done a "sitting top" for myself in the past so this might be my chance.

So now you have an idea of what I am working towards as I do several things along the way.

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