DeWalt at its finest .... Not


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So, I was doing a project today, and decided I should use a new drill bit for the holes I would be drilling.

Now, as a Bonafide Toolholic of course I have quad-duplicates or better of every every high-speed bit I own.

Anyway, I tend to go through a lot of 1/8th and 5/16th bits. So, I go to my drill stash and discover I am down to 1 new Dewalt 5/16 bit, I think "awesome", chuck it up and then......... WTH ?! The pixs speak for themselves, this bit was new & unused, thinking maybe I can use it to drill around a radius........:p what can I say -Chinesium steel.



It's one of their split point bits, meaning the point has split, as in GONE! Unfortunately bits are increasingly becoming TRASH. I looked a set of Bosch drill bits the other day. It was then that I realized they were the exact POS Skil bits I already owned, just rebadged. Unless you buy bits from industrial supply houses, most likely the bit you get is JUNK! I do get fairly good service out of the DeWalt black bits from Lowes.
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this is why (as many here know already) I don't buy anything yellow unless it's a throw away or the only option I have. YMMV.


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I have gotten good service from DeWalt cobalt bits (bought a couple years ago), but mainly save those for when I am using an easy-out extractor.


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It’s not just DeWalt.

I bought a $35 Amana counter sink the drill bit only adjusts to 2” depth and tapers to such a fine point it broke in the 3rd hole. The minute is looked at the but I knew it wouldn’t last. Maybe it’s not designed for a hand held drill?

bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
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That bit looks like it came out of a harbor freight $11.00 set. I got one of those sets a while back just to see and many of them were that bad.

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