Delta Multi Tool Sell or Trade **** Added Some Pics!

Flute Maker

I have the Delta Multi Tool with the drill press, table saw and jointer. I have used the tablesaw and drill press but not the jointer.The guy I got it from made some videos of him using all of them .The tool works good.I just have a small shop and would like to have a small tablesaw and good tabletop drill press This would give me more room. I havent had any need for a jointer so I wouldnt miss it. If you are in to old iron this is a good one when they made tools out of good stuff.

If you have something to trade send me an email. I dont have a trailer so I cant move it.I put it on the back of my toyota pick up under the cover when I got it but I cant do that now. Or will take $500 or best offer.

***When I bought it I found a guy online that had some extra parts...A box full. I got what he had that I thought I might need sometime.


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Very cool, wish I had the space. For any potential buyers, there is a disc sander for this combo machine on the Raleigh craigslist.

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