Deck issues....what do you think ?

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The deck on my house was painted when I bought it...yes the floor. I wanted to stain it after the paint started peeling and I pressure washed most of it off and used a floor sander to get rid of 95% of the old paint...except around the perimeter...near the house wall and under the deck railings. Not wanting to spend the time/effort to hand sand about a 4" perimeter on a 400 sf deck where the paint is well adhered....I'm wondering what your experience is with paint on a deck floor. I was told I could use a stain primer and then stain over it, but what's the difference in that and paint ??

On another note, the deck boards are so close together, that leaf stems and the things that fall off trees in the spring get stuck between the boards when I use the blower to clean the deck. I was wondering if it made any sense to use a thin blade on a circular saw to make a gap between the deck boards, cutting just deep enough to get thru the 2x's and barely touching the joists below. The deck is really flat, not warped, or I wouldn't consider doing this.

Thoughts ??



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I cant help u on the stain questions but having no drainage on that deck is an issue imho. perhaps a baseplate jig on router and spiral bit:wsmile:
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