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I found this but it's not explicitly clear. It appears to be a safety issue about users not using guards on their table saws with dado blades and it was easier to simply ban dado blades. That keeps the government funded health care costs down.

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According to some of the EU folks on other sites, yes.

Edit: interesting that in this post from 2008, Pierre mentions it’s not illegal but near impossible to use:

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Kelly Mehler reported this ina TWA workshop sometime before 2011. He served on a Safety committee for table saws at that time


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I hate to sound heartless, but .......... Woodwork, construction in general is not for everyone, there are inherent risks with it, and if you are a kind of person not cut out for this kind of work , then better to do something else. You know, at work I am sure one day it will be a requirement to have air mattresses around your ladder before you use it........ just saying... :rolleyes:

It is impossible to make work idiot proof ....... you know why? idiots are way more creative in failing than you can ever think of.;)

Mike Davis

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Funny you mention ladders.

I started life as a sign painter, practically lived on a ladder. One billboard we painted was on top of a building downtown, we had to use ladders to climb on to one building then another to get to the second building roof. Then another to actually get on the billboard.

So, we had finished the job, I was coming down the second ladder with a gallon of paint in each hand and this idiot starts sliding the ladder against the wall to lay it down. Didn’t even look up to see if everyone was down or if anyone was on the ladder. That’s the lazy/wrong way to let a ladder down anyway.

It was not my first day on the job so I didn’t panic. Just rode it down and jumped on to the roof.

Older guy in the crew grabbed my arm just as I started slinging the paint bucket toward the idiot’s head.

No, they didn’t fire him and I had to work with him for a whole year before I left that company.


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Some of you may remember my one table saw accident was with a dado blade. It was my stupid decision to hold a small block of wood over the throat plate as I made the initial hole that was the issue, not the dado blade. Then I compounded the error by raising the block to look at the throat plate to see if the blade had come through yet. The block caught the blade and my left middle finger contacted the blade. Fortunately the brake stopped the blades quickly. I got stitches and a splint but my finger is near normal now.

There are some more dangerous than normal aspects of a dado blade. You cannot typically use the blade guard. You cannot use the riving knife. If you make contact, there are multiple cutters to chew you up. I think there are some reasons for at least some additional caution when using a dado set.

I am not one that likes governmental nannies. I am not saying I support a ban on dado blades. But I do suggest we exercise additional caution when using them. Europe is more in the big government nanny model than the U. S. so I can see them making it difficult to use dado blades.


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At one of my projects, we had to dado 804 equipment pads, pipe had to run under them. Regardless, it was not going to be me or the Super doing the work, so we set up a system to use the dado just as I was taught.

A Hold down jig to prevent pull up and kick back, a side jig to keep it against the fence and a way to push so your hands never get closer than about 8-12 inches.

Impatience and incorrect setup and complacency are your real risk. My father always told me this one thing, "before you use the tool - stop, think this thing can hurt, maim or kill me if I am not focused and safe, then proceed".
To me, focus and paying total attention always when using tools it the angel skill long term journeymen and craftsmen master early.

I am right at retirement age and TBH, only in the last few years I have started using a riving knife, not saying that is right or smart, but growing up without one installed, never gave it much thought. Just was used to not having one and always took extra precaution in set up to minimize risk. .....

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