Dado set - for the right price!

Henry W

Senior User
A NCWW post earlier this weekend about 'a box at the door' made me realize that I have a dado set kicking around that was I was going to offer up here.

I have an extra dado set (6") free 'to a good shop.' Actually there will be no moral evaluations of the shop, I will take your word for it. I can't say much about this set except that the person who gave it to me said it did not fit on the saw they had (no details on the saw) and so they never used it. I can find it and provide a pic if you really want me to.
Free, but with the suggestion of a pay-it-forward donation of any amount to NCWW.
I'd rather not ship - so I prefer you'd pickup - or Pony Express.


Can you pm me. I would like to take em of your hands. If you pm me and I don't answer right away bc I'm at work but I will message you back. Thanks

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