Curved Rectangle Drawer Hole Jig?


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Ian Worthington

I'm working on a desk for my son and I want to include drawer pull openings like the ones shown in the attached photo. And I'm curious as to 1) do these holes in drawers have an actual name? and 2) is there a jig that I can buy or make?

Yes, I could drill two Forstner holes and then the jigsaw cut the drawers. But, I'm looking for something that I could use my router to make the holes more smooth and uniform.

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Yeah, it's called a template. First choose what size the vertical height is going to be. Then make sure you have a Forstener bit that size. Rip a piece of plywood to that dimension. Cut in half lengthwise. Next glue, on each side, to another piece of plywood, leaving an opening at least the size of forstener bit in the middle, being very careful to not get any glue in the area that is to be the finished opening. Then at drill press, mount forstener bit. Center stock by placing forstener bit in opening, then bring fence up to support stock. Move stock along fence so you can drill a hole at each end of template for desired length of opening. You now have needed template. Instead of gluing sides on, you could pocket screw them on. I'm sure these directions are as clear as mud, good luck. Jig shown in video has square ends with rounded corners, while forstener bit will give you rounded ends. Use a top bearing bit to route out opening. This way, template is made same size as opening, no figuring offsets for guide bushing.
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