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I have long used the Craftsman C-3 18 volt tools. They discontinued the line and QUALITY C-3 batteries are few, far between, and pricey at best.

However, there is an option to use an ADAPTER with the new V20 batteries that may provide a reasonable life extension for my C3 tool set that I'd like to try.

Problem is, it appears that the minimum cost of a V20 Battery and Charger is not insignificant.

Purchasing a 'kit' is the best way forward - especially one with a drill/driver or impact driver (tools I've long had multiples of and do not need.) I would like the oscillating tool, but they only offer it 'Bare.'

At any rate, I thought to post this to see if anyone was (thinking of) trading up from Craftsman V20 to Festool this Xmas and might be interesting in recycling his/her old V20 tool, battery/charger.

Open to an alternative approach as well, of course.

And Happy Thanksgiving to all the turkeys out there :D


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