CNC - Shapeoko 3

dino drosas

Corporate Member
I have decided to sell my CNC. It is the smallest and most recent of the offerings (16 x 16) by It is brand new with many upgrades including a custom made "T" track waste board. I spent many hours assembling and tuning it to perfection. As I mentioned, it comes with several options including the bit setter, Bit runner and an assortment of bits. I have test run it and it works flawlessly, just not my cup of tea !!! I am not in any way computer savvy and much prefer traditional methods. Very high quality and totally made in the USA. Comes with all the software needed and great support from Carbide3d. go to their website for all the specs and to YouTube for all the tutorials. If you are thinking of getting into CNC, this is for you! You can reach me at 843-267-7744


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