CMC Joint Surgery


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Has anyone had surgery on their CMC joints? I am bone on bone in both hands and any treatments short of surgery are just temporary pain relief. Just looking to see is any of you have been through the surgery and how it worked out for you.


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Had CMC fusion surgery on my right thumb due to an injury about 30 years took about 18 months to get full motion back, but like I said, it was due to an injury...hopefully techniques have improved since then. After fusion surgery, that joint is no longer able to move, so the other joints have to make up for it by moving more. Rehab to make the others stretch took a while. I do have full movement now, and only a couple of scars to brag about.


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I have had CMC surgery on both thumbs over the past 10 years. Easy operation and recovery.
I decided to get the surgery because the pain was significantly limiting my ability to do simple tasks, like unscrewing bottle caps, squeezing pliars, gripping and pulling things....not to mention taking the fun out of some woodworking tasks.
Post surgery I have lost about 10% function from pre-arthritic days, but I'm guessing I was functioning at about 75% before the surgery.
So it is a net gain after surgery. One very important thing is to get PT or OT afterwards and DO IT! I slacked off on my second side and have to admit that result was less than after the first side...But would I do it again?...absolutely.

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