Clearing Out Some Stuff - Mostly Free (Charlotte)


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I have a few things hanging around the shop I just won't use and am offering up to someone who can use them - no charge. These are in Charlotte out in the Steele Creek area:
  • Jet Air Cleaner (AFS-1000-B): It works fine, but I don't have the remote and it has a dent on one side from the cross-country move.
  • Avanti 8" Dado: This is new in an unopened box. I don't know anything about it other than it came from my FIL's shop when he passed.
  • Sony Radio: This has a remote and lived in my last shop in CA. I have a receiver and speakers in the new shop, so don't need this.
  • Oneida Dust Collection: I have 4 wye connectors, 1 is 7x7x6 and 3 are 7x7x5. I also have an extra 5" aluminum blast gate or two.
  • Sabre Sharpening Center: This also came from my FIL and I've never used it. I think it's complete.
  • Chucks: I have 2 small chucks that I believe are machinist chucks (I'm sure at least 1 is a 3 jaw machinist chuck).
  • Yankee Screwdriver
  • Craftsman Organizer: I have 2 plastic organizers that are for the top of a rolling tool chest. They can come in handy (I kept one) but not for my setup.
If you can use any of it and want it, I'd like it out of the shop in the next couple weeks if possible.

I also have a Bosch router set (fixed and plunge) that's not free but think $75 is probably fair. It's had little use because I just never liked the way it felt in my hands.
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"Sony Radio: This has a remote and lived in my last shop in CA. I have a receiver and speakers in the new shop, so don't need this."

I have been looking for a radio for my shop that gets the LOW end of teh FM band clearly and distinctly (Classical stations/PBS Channels 90.3 and kith and kin.

I bought a BOSE here last month and it worked - but not at that end of the FM Band.. Building a folded dipole antenna to mount on the roof to see if I can salvage the BOSE. (I had such high expectations base on the brand).

Hoping SONY might pay as much attention to reception as BOSE apparently does to sound quality and the like (great BASS).

SO, if your SONY can bring in the classics, NPR and fund raisings, I'm going to have to schedule a visit to Clove in the next (did you say two weeks?) Please advise.

Sabre Sharpening Center Googol'd can't find details online. Can you add a model number, mgf details, etc?

Bosch router set There are a couple of routers 'out there' that are designed to allow adjustments from the top of a router table (Triton, for one) and I wondered if this uncomfortable Bosch might be one of them. Do you have a model number to share?
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I just checked:
  • Sony Radio: I got clear reception as low as 88.8 on the FM band.
  • Sabre: The only additional information is manufactured by "Woodturners World" in Canada
  • Bosch Router: It is the 1617EVSPK model.

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