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Having animals over the years Christmas time has some challenges. The cats want to play with the ornaments or the dogs and cats would try to drink the water in the tree stand.
To solve the latter problem, I started using a bucket with sand as its holding medium. I got the idea from projects where the flagpole installer would install the pole in sand with only the top 3-4" is concrete.

It works well. However, you need sand that is really the grading kind or the finer sand (like sugar sand). Play sand can be used (like you get for the kids) but, it does not consolidate as well.

You can do it different ways but, since I did this alone, I used a container to set up the hole to make it easier for myself. I am using stucco sand, not the best, but was free. Then, just keep it moist the tree stays in place and the it stays fresh, the animals leave it alone and you do not wake up to the tree being knocked over by the dog.

FYI- Here it was 65 bucks for a 6.5 ft Noble Fir tree

I've been doing this for about 15 years now, always works. The new wrinkle this year was I used a steel base and put a 500lb magnet in the bottom of the bucket to add to the stability.........not really necessary, just me geeking out.


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