Chinese Carburetors for Small Engines


In the past couple months, I have replaced carburetors on two B&S engines, with ebay specials. First was 5.0 HP engine on small (2250 watt) generator. Ordered carb, and when it came in, installed it in less than two hours. The two hours would have been less than 30 minutes if Powermate had placed cross member 1/2" forward. To drop fuel tank, generator had to be removed from frame. Cranked on second pull. Next was 7.0 horse on Troy-Bilt tiller. Tiller always had to be choked to start. Hot or cold made no difference. Because I wanted to keep all SAE threads on tiller, I had to retap mounting holes to 1/4-20 threads. After installation, tiller, with choke on cranked on first pull. Today got tiller out, and again it cranked on first pull. I'm not used to it cranking on first pull. After using for a while, shut it off. Later, again cranked on first pull (no choke.) With original B&S carburetor, it would have to be choked, even though engine was "warmed up." For less than $15 each, I consider these carburetors to be a great deal.
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Almost like a HF gem.

In a similar note, I bought a starter for my motorcycle from the Honda dealer that sold the original (II am second owner) the motorcycle. I lasted a year. I ordered a second starter from an Amazon seller, still working 2 years later. For the record, I start the bike at least every 3 weeks, so I do not grind on the starter.

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