Chaos or shoulda' had a SawStop


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That had me laughing so hard! (not the injury of course) Mostly because my wife and I can both relate to this behavior. As I was telling her about it at the computer, my daughter chimes in "that sounds like you". Glad you are on the mend and hope you have a speedy recovery.

I wonder if a coarser grit would help with burning on the drum sander? Just a thought.
We've all had those types of stories and family interactions, my wife thought that was my story as well, short of ER bills...


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Mike - Curious to know what did not work with your Sawstop sensor and how did you know it didn't operate properly? Was it tripped from touching flesh or did you hit metal?
Rick, my finger came into contact with the blade. However, I watched the blade stop before I reached for the cutoff. My guess is that everyone who does what I did claims the blade stopped when it really didn't, so I didn't argue with the SawStop people. We all make mistakes. However, once they got the brake back, they called me to report the results. They said the blade was spinning at a rate over 300RPM when it triggered. That is absolutely impossible. I wasn't injured, the blade did not retract into the cabinet, and the blade was not even damaged. My take away is that the sensor on some brakes is active for a period of time after the blade has stopped, and that period likely varies by unit. My recommendation is that you wait at least five seconds after the blade stops before you touch it.

All's well that ends well. The blade was the one that came on the saw, and for all the qualities of a SawStop, the blade was not good. I got a new one from Klingspor, and the difference is obvious. Plus, SawStop replaced the cartridge for free. (At one point, the tech admitted that they had problems with some cartridges that they attributed to less-than-perfect electrical connections through the D-sub connector, but I didn't get the sense that the problem was widespread.)

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