Can you darken/tint an oil based poly...


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Stained a table top for my wife (she picked). Added first layer of poly only to be told it is too light.

Are they any tints that can be added to the remaining layers of poly to darken it a little?

Or shall I start sanding and start over?


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Water based use water based, universal or alcohol aniline dyes. Oil based, epoxy compatible, alcohol or oil based. However, a bit of caution - you need to test how it reacts and how it actually looks. Stacking/layering tints can get tricky.
I just did it on a recent table build the original color was an light amber with blue effervescence highlight. But, the blue actually neutralized the amber to a almost clear. So, I had to re-shoot the top with a dark amber to counter act and then I got the look /tint shade I wanted.
It worked out but my lesson was humble pie ... best laid plans of mice & me ...... :rolleyes: 😁


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Tinting finishes it not my thing but it seems like you should be able to mix say common Watco Danish oil in a dark, medium or light walnut color and get a darker tint.

As always, test on scrap first!



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Oil on oil. Water on water. With polyurethane just add stains to get the color you want. That's all polyshades is.
Add a little at a time. Trans tint dye works as well. Be careful with Trans tint. A little goes a long way.

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