Brushless Motors

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When browsing for new tool purchases I am noticing more and more hand power tools using brushless motors, especially battery powered tools. I am convinced the brushless motors are worth the extra expense. What I'm not seeing is brushless motors in corded tools, whether they are hand held or bench top or stand alone tools. Am I missing something or is there a reason corded tools aren't making the transition? Inquiring minds want to know.


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I think it is just the cost (I saw an estimate of 30% more for brushless) and demand. Most of us are buying cordless tools when we can so the demand for the corded tools is lower. That makes it harder to justify the redesign effort. There is also an additional benefit for the cordless tools in the fact that they become more useful with the technology - the battery lasts longer and they have more power. For a corded tool, there would be a small effiency gain but most of us don't worry about the electricity for our tools. So would enough people pay 30% more for a brushless universal motor corded tool? Tool suppliers seem to think the answer is no.

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