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Soooooo, anyone know if a “no load” motor is the same as “soft start”?
A "No load " motor and "soft start" are 2 completely different things. A no load motor is basically a motor rating for its power rating in a theoretical vacuum. It is how much power the motor makes with nothing attached to it, basically. Soft start is slowing the motors acceleration up to top (or regulated) speed electronically. Most routers have had this feature for years to lower the torquing when they go from 0-24000 RPMS. over a few second span instead of instantaneously.


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Soooooo, anyone know if a “no load” motor is the same as “soft start”?
I was curious and looked up both terms:

Soft start
A motor soft starter is a device used with AC electrical motors to temporarily reduce the load and torque in the powertrain and electric current surge of the motor during start-up.

No Load (couldn't find an "Easy" definition)
The no-load current is the current required just to turn the motor shaft with nothing connected

Based on that, I would say they are similar, but not exactly the same... and I think the terminology is based on the type of motor from my brief reading (AC, DC or Three Phase)

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I got this reply from Bosch.

The link states it is a no-load motor, is that the same as a soft start?
" With a 15 Amp motor providing 4,800 no-load RPM, there is plenty of power."

This simply means that the speed is 4,800 RPM before you start to cut.
Cutting puts a load on the blade/motor in the form of physical resistance which slows down the motor and blade.

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